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All about your mindset, or mine..

I think there is a cycle of mindsets that you go through. At least that’s how it is for me. New program=honeymoon phase, later in the program=grind it out phase, and just when you start thinking WTH am I doing this for (usually as fat-loss slows or food gets boring or you miss out on.. Read more →

Where does your strength come from when times are tough?

Strength does no come from physical capability. It comes from an indomitable will. –Mahatma Gandhi What do you draw your strength from? We all get stuck in a rut sometimes and there will be seasons of feeling less or more committed for most of us. But what it boils down to is, where does your.. Read more →

If you want change, you have to make changes

If you want change then you have to make changes. This is obviously easier said than done, especially when the change you want is fat loss. For some this can be quite a lot to deal with at once. You need a sound diet/training plan to follow (head over the LBC website for help on.. Read more →

Are you looking for motivation in all the wrong places?

Often people to look to other people or things to motivate them. The problem with that is, that motivation is pretty short sited and shallow. It won’t last very long. WHY? Because, motivation is something deep inside you, what you feel. It isn’t something that someone can truly do or encourage you to do or.. Read more →