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There are two LBC requirements for any successful programming strategy:

  1. Effective. Your strategy must be based on science and must deliver amazing results.
  2. Sustainable. Your strategy must be something that fits into your busy life while supporting easy-to-keep changes that make a big difference.

We approach Nutrition and Training programming with a sustainable=maintainable equation in mind. If what you do to get results is not sustainable, the results you get (if you do get results) will not be maintainable. It’s a tease of what could be, but you can’t keep it, and that’s why you’re reading this now. We’re all after lasting results, otherwise what’s the point?

The most effective approach for you is going to be the one that’s built to be as sustainable for you as possible.

But … even the most sustainable program only works if you follow it. We all know sticking to it is the key.

The missing ingredient is Professional Accountability.

Research from Stanford University shows that when you’re accountable to a Coach you get much better results. They found that men and women lost more fat – and faster – when they were accountable to a Coach rather than to a friend or colleague.

It’s a proven difference maker.

A Coach gives you all the missing links that “information” can’t give you, supports you through troubled times, holds you to higher standards because your Coach believes in you, gives you customized feedback to your personal situation … and holds you accountable so you can do the work, earn your results and enjoy your prize.

That’s why an official coaching relationship is so important.

After countless success stories the LBC Formula is simple:

  1. Strategy that is Effective and Sustainable programming.
  2. Mindset Focus which is a largely overlooked area of our health & fitness journey and can be easily argued as the most important.
  3. Accountability. You must have accountability via a supportive Coach otherwise the first two don’t matter!

We’re in it to win it with you! Let’s crush some goals!

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