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Let’s talk hormones

We talked about thyroid testing and female sex hormones in previous posts. Let’s talk testosterone. Testosterone is needed in both men and women. It is very important for those of us who are active and want to feel good. It aids in muscle building, recovery, a sense of well being, healthy estrogen levels (as testosterone.. Read more →

Let’s talk endocrine disrupters

I get asked about what to avoid and what is no big deal. The real answer is that I can’t tell you what the safe dose is for you. Or more accurately the dose that has any impact on your health. I don’t make it my life mission to avoid everything. I think the stress.. Read more →

Thyroid – the master gland

The thyroid gland is the master gland as it controls all systems in our body from our nervous systems, our breathing, our heart rate, our digestion, our body temperature, our body weight and MORE. It produces two main hormones called triiodothyronine and thyroxine. These are commonly known as T3 and T4 and delivers them to.. Read more →

Hormones and fat loss

If you have a physique goal, and you have hormones issues, you can’t expect to separate the two. Hormones impact fat loss, they also impact recovery, ability to gain muscle, mood, energy, even hunger. That is the short list. If your hormones are in the tank, you should not be trying to make drastic changes.. Read more →