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What Is A Metabolic Workout?

A few times over the past couple of days I’ve seen people ask on the page about what metabolic workouts are so I figured I’d address it here. A metabolic workout is basically a weight training and/or bodyweight workout that involves a series of exercises performed consecutively with little rest in between. Though weights are.. Read more →

Metabolic Damage – Wake Up And Pay Attention

Couldn’t agree more. Courtesy of Curls & Whey Training. “With all the attention given to rebounding, metabolic damage, it still surprises me to read about people doing double and triple cardio on low calories. Are you living under a rock? Have you not read the stories of some of these girls post competition? I hope the.. Read more →

The Primary Driver of Fat Loss

The primary driver of fat loss is diet. The main reason for weight training while in a deficit is to maintain the muscle mass you already have. The reason for cardio is to supplement fat loss, but certainly not to replace (or serve as a punishment for) the lack of effort put forth in your.. Read more →

More Is Not Always Better

“Often times people think that because they are having steady (or even slow) success on a moderate program that adding more activity and eating less food will produce even faster and better results. While it is typically true that faster results will come, you may not realize the cost associated with super speedy progress. A.. Read more →

Should I do Double Cardio?

Q&A from another place – talk about the antithesis to the Lean Bodies Consulting philosophy, which of course is rooted in sanity! Q: I am having problems getting in my second cardio session. Low energy and just find myself dreading it! Any suggestions?? Fitness Pro: A: First of all, second cardio sessions means you are.. Read more →

Erik Ledin Interview on the Fit Bod Radio Show

In case you missed it, I had the opportunity to be a guest on trainers jack and Ann Titone (Ann also being an IFBB Figure Pro) this past Thursday evening. It was a short segment but a fun opportunity and I believe they might want to have me back in the future for more Q&A.. Read more →