Dieting has some degree of metabolic and hormonal consequences, every single time

October 5th, 2017 by

This was a big note we hit on at the LBC Conference in Virginia Beach a few weeks ago in our Nutrition Strategies Group Session led by Coach Steph and Myself.

Dieting has some degree of metabolic and hormonal consequences.

Every single time.

Of course we try to always minimize these negative adaptations (compared to the extreme methods that some people take out there which come with heavy consequences) by taking a sane, evidence-based approach, but eating in a deficit simply results in “negative” adaptations.

The longer one diets/eats below maintenance calories, the more significant these consequences become. This dieting path can be significantly lengthened not just by having a long way to go physically (but this is ok since higher bodyfat is protective to the body’s regulatory hormones), but ALSO by a lack of dietary compliance which makes everything that much longer, and longer, and longer. This latter issue is the point here since this one is entirely within YOUR control.

These consequences can get in the way of you reaching the goal even when you finally get the compliance down pat … because it took too long and thus those negative adaptations are in the way of progress.

So you get all of the negatives of dieting, without ever achieving all the positives you set out to achieve.

Who wants that? No one of course, but that’s what many of us have wound up doing at one time or another … or all the time for some.

This is why we say – get hardcore committed, get in, kill it, and then get back out … at least if there is an actual goal to be achieved and you care about your long-term metabolic health.

We care about your long term health!