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What you need for a FULL panel of thyroid tests

As the conference approaches and I am preparing for my hormones sessions I am reminded just how many people suffer from hypothyroidism. I see clients struggle to maintain their success or even achieve results at all. When asked about thyroid testing, most either got shrugged off by their doctors or given the very basic TSH.. Read more →

Find a doctor or health care provider that listens to you

Find a Dr/health care provider that listens to you. Don’t let a dr tell you that your crazy or that it’s all in your head. Warning Rant ahead- Sometimes as coach, it’s my job to suggest to clients that they should have labs run when I suspect there might be some issues they need to.. Read more →

LBC client hormones in recovery

Hormones in Recovery. Today I got a note with the picture below and I was floored at the changes. Just look at those beautiful changes and features vibrantly coming through. She shared a little note I’d like to share too: – “It wasn’t until April of 2016 (when the first picture was taken) that I.. Read more →

Why you need more than a TSH test when running thyroid labs

TSH – “the gold standard” is not a full thyroid function panel. It’s a “messenger hormone from the brain” test. I was reviewing a clients lab tests that her doctor ran and came to realize that there was not a full panel of tests but only TSH. Sadly this happens quite often and I have.. Read more →