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Testimonial from Client Michele

I contacted LBC the fall of 2013 and I consider it one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was seeking a coach after losing 50 lbs on my own and wanted to find someone that could take me to the next level in terms of my goals of getting on stage. I.. Read more →

Testimonial and progress from client Nicole

Can’t think of a better email to open first thing in the morning! < From client Nicole: “Isn’t it like my LBC anniversary or something? Ha ha! I don’t remember when I started with you last year, I know it was summer time. I was thinking about how long it had been while looking at pictures.. Read more →

LBC client testimonial

Such awesome feedback from one of the clients I work with. On her intake information, something didn’t sit right so had her pursue more testing, change drs and keep fighting. And I was right. Her hormone treatment wasn’t serving her well AT ALL and was wrong for her. So happy to read this: __ “I.. Read more →

Coach Ileen shares her “why”

The other day in our community group we had a great thread about wisdom because so much of our journey and the success to be had during our journey is our mental mindset. Many of us have had a special saying or a quote along the way that has been with them, motivating and driving.. Read more →

LBC client Donna’s testimonial

Unfortunately, clients can not stay on forever. For example, below is a pic of LBC client Donna J., who will be leaving us shortly, but has made tremendous progress since joining. She’s lost 5.5 inches off her waist, 4 inches off her abdomen/navel area, and 2.5 inches off her buttocks. That alone is awesome and.. Read more →