LBC client testimonial

January 24th, 2017 by

Such awesome feedback from one of the clients I work with. On her intake information, something didn’t sit right so had her pursue more testing, change drs and keep fighting. And I was right. Her hormone treatment wasn’t serving her well AT ALL and was wrong for her.

So happy to read this:

“I will just say that it is crazy how the thyroid can affect so many things! I was not sleeping and anxious. I would be talking with someone (I am an intelligent person and graduated at the top of my nursing class <- telling u this because I wanted you to get the magnitude of what I am going to say) and I could not find my words or I wold say the wrong word. My mind was really foggy and I really was hard on myself. This was not me.

All my medical resources says it was because I was not sleeping (part true). I was supposed to be the person people went to for answers and I was starting to not be taken seriously because I could not get the words out. Thank God that I was able to still perform my duties (being an ER nurse is my life, my dreams, my aspirations, my calling, my ego) but my memory was not there at times. I became really good at masking this and writing things down.

Today I haven’t had a “short circuit” in weeks and I feel my speech is back to normal. Not only are you helping me to loose the weight and learn the lifestyle but you are giving my my confidence and my life back. I just wanted you to know the magnitude that this was affecting me. And I really hope Erik does read this email to see just how valuable you are to his company (I think he knows but they can never hear it enough LOL).”

We take your health very seriously!