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LBC’s Christie shows that we don’t rebound post-competition

LBC client Christie, who competed recently, and is still NOT rebounding of course, and won’t. “Just wanted to send a quick update…this is me! I know you say no rebound, but what an incredible experience to actually go through this post competition week with LBC. In the past, I feel like rebound was talked about.. Read more →

Joanne Ott Testimonial

“There just seems to be so many coaches out there nowadays. Out here in Colorado, there are dozens and dozens. When I first thought about finding a coach, I had thought of signing on with a coach at my gym who had recently won her Pro-Card in Figure. However, after much thought, I decided against.. Read more →

Nicole Henriksen’s Testimonial

I’ve recently had to spread my wings and soar on my own. After almost two years as a client you can imagine just how hard that decision was to make. I’ve gained so much in terms of knowledge that I know I can keep going on my own, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have.. Read more →

LBC Client Testimonial for Coach Ileen

“When I first started working with LBC and Ileen, I was frustrated at where I was and knew I needed help. I came to them with a past filled with weight issues, from being very overweight as a child to a 7 year battle with anorexia and later bulimia, to overcoming those eating disorders, but.. Read more →

Feedback from a happy LBC client

As a coach, receiving an email like this really makes my whole day. “Last night, my child had a piano recital. The attached picture is a friend and I afterwards. That dress I am wearing? I found it two weeks ago. I loved it, loved that it was on clearance, but then noticed it was.. Read more →

LBC client testimonial

I received a biweekly update from a client who has been with LBC for a short while that left a grin on my face. I was happy to see her body was making positive changes, especially when we had to work around an injury, but I was happier to see LBC has had an effect.. Read more →