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There are NO quick fixes that will work long term

There are NO quick fixes that will work long term. None. No quick fix can change what is really wrong, your habits and behaviors. If you don’t change, nothing else you do will change you. Your results, successes, failures, and everything else belongs to you. You may not be able to control everything that happens.. Read more →

Listen to the feedback your body is giving you

The amount of body fat you have lost (or not lost), muscle you have gained (or lack thereof), strength gained and lost, energy level, and hunger level as it pertains to dieting is feedback. It is your bodies way of giving you information. You can use this to your advantage! Stop hating your body for.. Read more →

It’s all about sustainable and maintainable progress

Remember, it’s all about sustainable and maintainable. There’s no point in getting in shape if the methodology is not sustainable and the results not maintainable due to how they were achieved in the first place. (because if the methods used are not sustainable, then neither are the results you achieve using them). Think big picture!