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Jeanne’s progress from the back

Wanted to share an update of her progress from the back. Seeing some really nice changes here, both in upper and lower body! The effort that Jeanne puts in is nothing short of incredible, working day and night shifts in a hospital and making no excuses. She has goals and she gets it done! 

Jeanne’s killer progress

Here’s an updated side shot of that same amazing progress! This girl is killing it! Jeanne’s current program consists of a customized meal plan, 4 weekly weight training sessions, and her only forms of cardio are a quick ladder workout and an ab circuit. No traditional cardio.  With the new year on the horizon, are.. Read more →

Client Jen trains to be tighter, not lighter

“Train to be tighter, not lighter.” If we only focused on the scale, many of you would probably get discouraged. Especially if we are focusing on fat loss in a sustainable and maintainable way. That may seem like foreign words to you since we are living in a world of instant gratification. Hate to burst.. Read more →

Tracy’s phenomenal transformation

How about this for a transformation? Tracy has killed her compliance which earned her some fun refeeds (one mid-week and one on the weekend) all while continuing to get leaner. We just wrapped up this leaning phase and moved to a metabolic restorative phase. This is the fun part. Living in the body you earned!.. Read more →