Potato Salmon & Asparagus

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Here is a super simple and delicious fit recipe you just gotta try:


2 lb Little Potatoes or small Yellow Potatoes thoroughly scrubbed and quartered (I had combination of both)
1.5 lb salmon, cut into 4 portions
1 lb asparagus
2-3 tsp salt
2 tsp ground mustard
1 tsp paprika
½ tsp ground ginger (*optional)
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
4 lemon slices
Garlic Mixture
4+ Tbsp olive oil
4 cloves garlic, pressed or minced

Either in the baking pan or in a ziplock bag combine potatoes, ¾ teaspoons salt, ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, and 3 tablespoons of the garlic/oil mixture. Toss together until thoroughly coated. Place on a parchment paper or foil lined baking pan and space evenly placing the potatoes cut side down. Place in a preheated to 450F oven.

Bake for about 20 minutes and flip the potatoes cut side up. Bake for another 10 minutes or until the potatoes are soft and almost but not quite done. Move all potatoes to one corner of the baking pan, making space for the salmon and asparagus.
Add the salmon to the baking pan, spacing it about 1 inch apart. Sprinkle with salt (about 1 tsp). Brush the top of the salmon with the oil/garlic mixture. Generously sprinkle with ground mustard (2 teaspoons), followed by a light sprinkle of paprika (1 teaspoon) and a very light sprinkle of ground ginger (1/2 teaspoon). Place a lemon slice on top of each piece.

Now either on the spare side of the baking sheet or in a different bowl, toss the asparagus with 1 teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon black ground pepper and the remainder of the garlic/oil mixture (about 1 tablespoon). If there isn’t enough of the garlic/oil mixture, give a light drizzle of regular olive oil.

Place the baking sheet with potatoes, salmon & asparagus back in the 450F oven for another 12-15 minutes depending on the thickness of your salmon, or until the salmon is cooked all the way through. At the end, the potatoes should be soft and cooked through, so should the salmon. The asparagus will be cooked with still a slight crispiness on the inside.
Remove from the oven and serve as is on the baking sheet or transfer to a serving platter and serve hot.

Coach PJ

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