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Are you in a building phase or thinking of doing one?

Are you in a building phase? Feeling really fluffy? Losing some of your muscle definition? Are your abs a distant memory? Maybe you’re even sporting a “muffin top” on the rare occasion that you actually wear jeans instead of leggings? Tossing your clothes across the room and throwing a temper tantrum is the norm? (Ok.. Read more →

Listen to the feedback your body is giving you

The amount of body fat you have lost (or not lost), muscle you have gained (or lack thereof), strength gained and lost, energy level, and hunger level as it pertains to dieting is feedback. It is your bodies way of giving you information. You can use this to your advantage! Stop hating your body for.. Read more →

Are you in a building phase or thinking about doing one?

Are you in a building phase? Thinking about doing one? I wanted to share a back photo from when I was in my building phase, I think I was about halfway through (pic on the left) a 16-17 month build here. That’s right…MONTHS. Not weeks. The pic on the right is from my show in.. Read more →

Important factors to consider when pursuing a physique goal

I would say one of the tougher parts of helping people with their physique goals is managing their expectations. So in effort to help everyone trying to improve upon their physique, here are a few things you need to keep in mind moving forward: Commitment – You have to be prepared to make a long-term.. Read more →

LBC client Aleta’s post on timelines for transformation

LBC Client Aleta posted this on the page yesterday regarding timelines for transformations and I thought it was absolutely worth sharing: “As I read through the posts this morning I was stopped by several comments wanting to know why ‘timelines’ are never mentioned when client photos are posted. Coaches are responding and yet some people.. Read more →