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Realistic expectations for muscle growth

Earlier today Megan made a great post about being patient with fat loss and I just want to extend that to make a similar point about muscle gain.Consider the possible expectations below for muscle gains based on years of training:MalesYear 1 – 20-25lbsYear 2 – 10-12lbsYear 3 – 5-6lbsFemales Year 1 – 10-12lbs Year 2.. Read more →

Muscle Growth and Pain

Do your muscles need to be sore after a workout to grow? Nope! Here’s why:In a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, researchers split male and female athletes into two groups. They then had them take part in a rigorous 8-week training program. Although, Group 1 was given an additional three weeks.. Read more →

Realistic expectation for muscle growth

What is a realistic expectation for progress during a building phase? This is a question often asked when a client has a goal of muscle growth. The answer is – it’s completely dependent on the individual. Muscle growth (without the assistance of drugs) is a slow process, and many factors go into determining the speed.. Read more →

Make sure you are eating enough food to support your muscle building goals

Further to my post earlier, here is a tip about building muscle.If you’re going to ask me a question about what is the “best exercise for building my glutes/shoulders/biceps” then you’d better be prepared for me to address your diet.Aside from a very small set of circumstances (you’re a novice lifter, you’re new to “effective”.. Read more →

There are no “best” exercises to build muscle

There are no “best” exercises to build muscle.When it comes to legs, sure squats and deadlifts are staples for most people. And when it comes to lats, some kind of chin up or pull up variation is going to be popular. But when it comes right down to it, whether you want to build glutes,.. Read more →

Great physiques are built over months and years not days and weeks

Just saw in my Facebook feed the title of a video called “How to Quickly Add Mass to Your Shoulders (simple tip)”.So I’m going to give you the REAL simple tip.If you see any video, article, or any such piece of information suggesting that you are going to “quickly” add muscle mass anywhere…SKIP IT.The reality.. Read more →