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The reality of muscle growth and “glute development transformations”

It seems to be the nature of “fitness marketing” – unrealistic claims in the hopes of making a sale, whether that be a product, a service or whatever. Take some of these “glute development transformations”. I’ve seen some pretty outlandish claims for glute development progress which all but defy what we know about average rates.. Read more →

Steps for physique success

STEPS FOR PHYSIQUE SUCCESS 1. Create some REALISTIC expectations of results (remembering that incredible physiques are built over YEARS not 12-week or even 6-month programs). 2. Develop a sustainable program that will bring about those results at the reasonable rate established above. 3. Follow that program. Consistently. For a long time. 4. If results are.. Read more →

Fat loss is like swimming upstream in a raging river

I’ve always likened fat loss to swimming upstream in a raging river. The current of the “river” of our society is sweeping us towards weight gain over time. So if you want to lose fat, you’re doing to need to swim upstream against that current. Over time you may become a better swimmer so swimming.. Read more →

Don’t let an injury prevent you from reaching your goal

If you train long enough you’re eventually going to have an injury of some kind. Some of them will heal up quickly on their own and you’ll be right back to full strength and yet others may require a cast, brace, surgery, or rehabilitation. The point here though, is that just because you are injured.. Read more →