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Results Come From Consistency Not Novelty

While a coach can certainly be responsible for changing your plan, often a large part of coaching is knowing when NOT to change your plan. Frequently people make little to no progress, not for lack of effort, but because they’re too impatient to stick with anything long enough for it to really work. Results do.. Read more →

Eat Enough, But Not Too Much

Despite what you may have heard, a muscle building phase is not simply a licence to go out and eat whatever you want. It is true that you need to be in a surplus to optimally acquire new muscle, but any calories you consume (even from protein) beyond the amounts that are required to build.. Read more →

The Lifestyle “Dimmer Switch”

When you have a diet mentality it basically means that you think of your diet as being like a light switch. You can either turn it on or you can turn it off. When it is on you are unstoppable. But when its off…LOOK OUT!!! Anything consumable could potentially find its way into your gullet… Read more →

Saboteurs Can Only Do What You Allow

Whether you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle you’re undoubtedly going to run into saboteurs. Some will be your closest friends, family, or even your spouse. They may say you’re getting “too skinny”, “too fat”, “too manly”, or just that you’re too attentive to your diet and “maybe you should just live a little”… Read more →

Defining A Calorie Deficit

A good blog post from Brad Pilon. I like this quote since I can relate so well to this here on this page: “Just recently I saw someone type: “walking does not burn a lot of calories” which was countered with: “walking burns calories. Any statement to the contrary is ridiculous.” …reading what they wanted.. Read more →

Are You On A Diet Or Living A Lifestyle?

I got an email from a client last night stating that she’d likely be totally off plan for a couple days because she was taking her son to the hospital for some medical tests regarding an issue he was having. This was, to me, a good opportunity for a reminder that fitness is meant to.. Read more →