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Supplements: progress enhancers, not progress starters

We have a smart and savvy crew here, and most already understand this, but I don’t think this message can be reinforced enough. Supplements are progress ENHANCERS, NOT progress STARTERS. If you are not nutritionally compliant, are training inconsistently and haphazardly, not getting adequate sleep and recovering properly etc., no amount of supplementation is going.. Read more →

Supplements – what can you take to get (X) results?

One of the questions that come up quite a bit, is about supplements. What can I take to get (X) result? The answer is 99.99% of the time, not a dang thing. The truth is, there are very few supplements proven to show any benefit whatsoever, and the benefit is typically so small that it.. Read more →

Elderberry extract and the common cold

So we’re well into the common cold season and I thought I’d share a recap on a study that looked at how elderberry (Sambucus nigra) extract can help you fight it. See below for more info: In this study, the researchers recruited 312 adults who would be flying overseas. (Note: Long-distance flights have been reported.. Read more →

Review on citrulline malate

There’s not many supplements with a lot research behind them, but citrulline malate is one of them. This non-essential amino acid is found in foods (e.g. watermelon), but you may want try supplementing with it. In fact, here’s a recap on one of the more recent studies to be published, which shows how citrulline malate.. Read more →

How aged garlic impacts the flu virus

Looks like the flu season is upon. I recently got hit by the flu and it seems like it’s in full force today. While there’s not a lot you can do about it once you have it, there is some research that you may find handy should you get it. More on this below: In.. Read more →

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-Workout Supplements! 1. They are tremendously overpriced given the cost of most of the constituent ingredients is well … cheap. 2. There’s a LOT of ingredients that have no business being included. I think they’re included to complicate and window dress the label, because of potential ‘ingredient recognition’ (creatine, which has no acute effects btw.. Read more →