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Magic Supplements

There is no supplement that can replace hard work and consistency. Stop looking.

4 Supplements Every Woman Should Know About

In general, supplements are unisex. Vitamin D, fish oil, etc – they tend to get marketed equally. When it comes to supplements for men or women, men tend to get supplements for virility, fertility, testosterone, well-being, strength, cognition, and everything related to being “manly.” For women, the targeting seems to start and end with osteoporosis.. Read more →

Krill Oil or Fish Oil?

A long while back I had posted about switching from fish oil to krill oil after coming across some apparent “additional benefits” that made krill oil look superior (on the surface anyway). Then I moved to taking both since my taking 2g/day of krill oil only supplies me with less than 500mg (480mg) of combined.. Read more →

Fish Oil Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer?

A new study has been making its rounds online claiming that fish oil causes prostate cancer, and more specifically the claim is that fish oil supplementation causes a 71% increase in high grade prostate cancer. The guys at promptly put up a review of the study today to see if the claim is really substantive.  .. Read more →

Biosignature Modulation Review

Several years ago, when I was a fledgling in the fitness world, I first heard Charles Poliquin mention Biosignature Modulation at a seminar and I was completely blown away by the concept.  If you’re unfamiliar with the idea, Charles explained that he’d done caliper measurements on 12 skinfold sites with loads of athletes and discovered.. Read more →

Fat-Loss Supplements

As my gift to you I’ve compiled below an exhaustive list of all the supplements known to make you shed fat at lightening speed and create for you the body of your dreams. . . . . .