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Advantages that posing practice has to offer

Although I am not currently preparing for a bodybuilding competition I still devote time each week towards practicing my posing. There are a few advantages that posing practice has to offer: 1) Better control over your muscles which will have carry over to your form in the gym. 2) Increased cardiovascular capacity from holding your.. Read more →

Coach and Client Holly’s 16-month building phase experience

Are you in a building phase? Feeling fluffy? Losing some of your muscle definition? Are your abs a distant memory? Maybe you’re even sporting a “muffin top” on the rare occasion that you actually wear jeans instead of leggings? Welcome to the club. Think you’re the only one? You’re not. I wanted to write a.. Read more →

Sometimes It Is Best NOT to Compete

We’re never going to apologize for telling someone why they should NOT compete even if they misconstrue the advice as rude or harsh. Case in point. I recently had an email exchange with someone who said: “During my off season, I rebound and I go from 120 lbs to 140 lbs within 3 months after.. Read more →

Do You Look Like A Competitor In The Offseason?

  What’s that? Your a competitor but you don’t look like a competitor in your offseason? While this is sadly COMMON in the competitive side of the fitness industry it should not be accepted as NORMAL or what SHOULD happen to your body. You can be certain that if you rebound so much that you.. Read more →