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Post-Contest Rebound: Don’t Let This Be You

  Post-contest rebounds are very real and happen way too often in this industry. This is my client, Sofia, before she came to work with me and LBC. She is offering herself up as an example of what not to do when prepping for a competition, in hopes that it will encourage other women to.. Read more →

Sometimes You Should NOT Be Dieting

I had a conversation recently via email. A lady had competed, qualified for the next level and has since been experiencing a tremendous post contest rebound. But that’s not what she’s “worried about”. She has another show in 12-16 weeks and needs to get things under control and start dieting for her next show. Of.. Read more →

Should I do Double Cardio?

Q&A from another place – talk about the antithesis to the Lean Bodies Consulting philosophy, which of course is rooted in sanity! Q: I am having problems getting in my second cardio session. Low energy and just find myself dreading it! Any suggestions?? Fitness Pro: A: First of all, second cardio sessions means you are.. Read more →

When Should I Pick a Show to Compete?

As it is really impossible to know exactly how your body will respond, we suggest that competitors wait until they are within striking distance of the conditioning required to compete and THEN pick a show. Your goal in the meantime should be to maximize your nutritional compliance so you can get into that shape within.. Read more →

How Long Until I Can Compete?

Question: How long will it take for me to be ready to compete? (and this is literally all the information supplied; just that question). Answer: Well for starters I can’t answer that question for you because I don’t know who you are, have no information about you whatsoever, don’t know what you look like, etc… Read more →

Peak Week Voodoo – Less is More

First some context – female figure, fitness and bikini competitors … There is much mystique and secrecy associated with the magical ‘Prep Week’. And yet, it arguably messes people’s end product up just as often as it enhances it. Never mind the additional fact that it doesn’t seem to have an exactly repeatable effect even.. Read more →