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Water Loading versus Cutting Water

The big problem with all the voodoo prep-week strategies you hear people talk about is that it winds up producing inconsistent results, is hard to predict, etc. Then you have the scores of people who look worse on the day of their show than they did several days before their show. Water loading? IMO and.. Read more →

Contest Peak Week – Less is More

There is much mystique and secrecy associated with the magical ‘Prep Week’. And yet, it arguably messes people’s end product up just as often as it enhances it. Never mind the additional fact that it doesn’t seem to have an exactly repeatable effect even doing the same thing. The more variables you introduce, the more.. Read more →

12-Week Transformations – What Happens Afterwards?

12 week transformations tend to produce some pretty amazing photos, but my question is always this…. Where are all the 6 month photos? One year photos? Five year photos? The reality is that almost anybody can create a dramatic 12 week transformation with severe dieting and training practices that are far from being maintainable in.. Read more →

What Is And What Is Not An “Awesome Approach”

I have often received emails, read posts online, etc., about people saying something like, “My diet was pretty extreme *insert description here* and I did a lot of cardio *or whatever*, but it worked awesome, and I looked great!” Here is my take on this … No, it did not work awesome. How do you.. Read more →

Quick Tip for Metabolic Health

Here’s one BIG tip for metabolic health. YOU CAN’T ALWAYS BE DIETING! You NEED to have extended periods of time, and I mean extended, throughout the year where you’re NOT dieting, NOT eating in a big caloric deficit; phases where you relax, eat more, eat well yes, but more. Phases where yes, you accept that.. Read more →

Competitor Obsessiveness

I am amazed at the obsession that some competitors or wannabe future competitors have. A body that is all but screaming at you for help and to stop the assault you’re subjecting it to and all they can think about is, “But my dream is to compete, I must become a pro. I just must!.. Read more →