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Introducing A New Training Program

When most people start a new training program they want to just jump in and crush it. I however, take a different approach, at least partly due to the fact that I do not believe in frequent programming changes or program hopping; instead preferring to work a program for a relatively extended period of time… Read more →

When To Change Your Program

Sometimes one of the most difficult things as a coach isn’t to create new training programs (that is pretty easy actually), but to get clients to stick to the training program they have for long enough to see the results of that program. Somewhere along the line people have been led to believe that you.. Read more →

Go In With A Plan

Is it any wonder more people regularly attending a gym … don’t look like they do? Not talking about nutrition and what happens the other 23 hours of the day here though; I’m talking about the training. (Before any of those who like to complain for the sake of complaining yes it’s fantastic that people.. Read more →

Eccentric Valslide Leg Curls

  Excellent for training at home! 1. Engage your abs and your glutes. 2. Start with your heels on the Valslides, close to your glutes. Raise your hips. 3. Slowly straighten your legs out in front of you and then bring them back in to the starting position. 4. Do not let your hips drop.. Read more →

Make Your Own Pre-Workout Supplement

I’ve had a few clients lately ask me for a recommended pre-workout supplement, so I thought I’d share Erik’s recipe on here: 200mg caffeine 8g citruline mallate 3.2g beta alanine (split into pre- and post-workout doses) 2-3g l-tyrosine 2g acetyl-l-carnitine You can find all of these ingredients at If you prefer to purchase a.. Read more →

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

  Great for the hamstrings and booty booty booty! Hold a dumbbell in each hand or in one hand (on the same side as the leg that’s going to be lifting off the ground). Lift one leg slightly off the ground so that you’re now standing on one leg and keep a soft knee on.. Read more →