Joanne Ott Testimonial

March 24th, 2015 by

“There just seems to be so many coaches out there nowadays. Out here in Colorado, there are dozens and dozens. When I first thought about finding a coach, I had thought of signing on with a coach at my gym who had recently won her Pro-Card in Figure. However, after much thought, I decided against it as her coaching philosophy was the same as a coach I had worked with years ago. Lots of cardio and sometimes twice a day. The coaching community here can sometimes be quite incestuous, if you will, where everyone knows everyone. With that in mind, I decided it would be best to go elsewhere. That is when I decided to contact Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting.  Years ago I was one of his clients, but due to work demands and restrictions, I had to stop.

Lean Bodies Consulting is, no doubt in my mind, the most comprehensive, professional coaching team one could ever ask for. There is no voo-doo, no endless hours of cardio, no crazy carbohydrate-cutting diets. 

I signed on with Coach Erik and Coach Ileen back in late November of 2014. I decided I really needed to buckle down as I had had too much “fun” over the summer. Lots of micro-brewery visits along with lots of rich pub food. Putting my jeans on had become a grand production. After finally wiggling into them and barely fastening them up, I would then spray them down with water and do all kinds of crazy stretches so they would be half-decently comfortable. 

Now after following an incredibly sensible diet and workout regimen, I can put on my smallest-sized jeans and they’re super comfortable. No more spraying water. No more doing crazy contortions while my husband and dogs look on wondering what the heck I’m doing. My whole body has transformed to be lean and muscular and I LOVE how I look. I get so many compliments at the gym and I just feel so much better. My meal plan is so different than what I had had with my former coach. Being able to have food items like cheese, yogurt, avocado was unheard of before. At first I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven. Even now I continue to enjoy a  wide variety of healthy, tasty food thanks to a great diet menu. On top of that, I have the ability to swap out food items using the LBC food substitution application and still stay on plan. My workout routine is never dull and I look forward to going to the gym. My enthusiasm for my program continues to this day.

Unfortunately, I recently had to discontinue my contract with LBC due to the huge monthly cost of prescription drugs for our Labrador Retriever who has chronic liver problems. It really, really broke my heart to stop working with Coach Ileen as I have felt true feelings of commitment and community from her and with the LBC coaching family. There is so much knowledge and expertise with LBC and, unlike other coaches I have known in the past, these traits are shared and made readily available to their clients. Quite simply, these folks know their stuff!!!!  When the time comes where I am able to afford coaching again, it will be with Lean Bodies Consulting. I love you guys and I thank you, Coach Ileen, from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done for me. As the saying goes from a famous movie we are all familiar with, “I’ll be back!”.”