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Utilize a variety of rep ranges for muscle hypertrophy

This is no “best” number of reps for building muscle. In fact, research has now illustrated that muscle hypertrophy can be achieved with both high and low rep ranges. When training, make sure not to get hung up on always using a certain rep range. Instead, take advantage of a variety of rep ranges for.. Read more →

All progress is good progress

  Ok, let’s be honest for a second here. No matter the rate you’re actually progressing in the direction of your goals, whether ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ or anything in between, it’s NEVER going to feel fast enough for you now is it? You’ll always want it more, now, sooner and think it’s just too slow.. Read more →

Fear Of Bulking Up

Not lifting weights because you’re afraid you’ll build too much muscle is like not driving your car because you fear becoming a Nascar driver. – Andrew Dixon

Commitment Required For A Building Phase

There are a select few circumstances where you’ll likely be able to gain some muscle while simultaneously losing body fat. 1) You are a newbie to strength training. 2) You are coming off of a layoff from strength training. 3) You are pharmaceutically enhanced. If you do not fit into any particular one of those.. Read more →

A Fitness Lifestyle Versus Serial Dieting

A fitness LIFESTYLE isn’t just something you do when circumstances are optimal. A lifestyle is something you LIVE and that means that you do it ALL of the time…even when circumstances aren’t ideal. If you find that you’re on a plan when your life is easy and and then off of a plan when life.. Read more →