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Muscle’s Insignificant Effect on Metabolism

You without fail always hear ‘fitness pros’ talking about how muscle has a big effect on improving metabolism. The fact of the matter is, it really doesn’t. In fact, each additional pound of muscle you add to your frame increases daily caloric requirements by 6 cals/lb/day. That is IT! On average, muscle mass makes up.. Read more →

More Back/Shoulder Specialization Results

A few months back I posted the before-and-after pictures of a client of mine who went through a back and shoulders specialization program. You can take a look at those results here. Suffice it to say, the results were obviously impressive … to the point that on one forum, another competitor called them dishonest, suggesting.. Read more →

Back & Shoulder Specialization Results

In the world of figure competition, not only do you have to in great shape come show day, you also have to have the right amount of muscular development in the right areas; in essence to create a certain ‘illusion’ or silhouette. Contrary to the thoughts of a lot of new competitors, competing isn’t just.. Read more →

OffSeason Cardio

What are your thoughts on cardio in the off-season?? The short answer is … it depends. I will say however that when I see, or rather read, of people doing 45-60 minute cardio sessions in the OFF SEASON, I want to bang my head against the wall; even when I see 30 minutes 6-7x/week. It’s.. Read more →