LBC client Aleta’s post on timelines for transformation

January 12th, 2015 by

LBC Client Aleta posted this on the page yesterday regarding timelines for transformations and I thought it was absolutely worth sharing:

“As I read through the posts this morning I was stopped by several comments wanting to know why ‘timelines’ are never mentioned when client photos are posted. Coaches are responding and yet some people still seem to be a bit irritated on those responses, even though they are accurate. So, as an LBC client just about to start my 11th week, I just wanted to give my two cents to those who seem a bit frustrated.

When I started my journey with LBC I already had some ideas of how things would go as my friend has been an LBC client about a year now. But without being educated on the process before signing up I had immediately set weight loss goals for myself, once the day came that my plan was set up and I was starting with day one.

Yea, I picked a month that I wanted and figured I would be back into a size 6 and what my scale would show weight wise. Well…after weeks on the plan, the way I had my goals set has completely changed. Now instead of saying, “I will be in this size and at this weight by this month”, I set goals like this: “I will be 100% compliant for 8 weeks with diet and the gym.” I have finally learned that I will reach those “pant size” goals when I reach them.

I can’t put a timeline on size or weight. If I did that, I would get so utterly frustrated with myself and give up. All the negative energy you put out because your measurements or scale haven’t changed in a week is just more reason for you to give up. Body transformation in any way, shape or form takes time and its different for EVERYONE.

You cannot get frustrated because one person’s journey is completely different then yours. Once you come to terms with that, your diet and keeping your schedule at the gym becomes less of a hassle and more of a “normal” way of life for you.

Only then can you be more positive and your trips to the gym is just like going to work or school. It’s a part of your life and not a burden. Enjoy the journey and learn everything you can from it to better yourself for whatever comes your way.

Of all the stress I am going through right now as a single mother of two autistic kids and recently unemployed even though I have a Masters Degree….I keep at it.

No body transformation journey is bump free guaranteed. So accept it and enjoy the changes when they come…because I promise you…your body will change if you stick with it!”