Listen to the feedback your body is giving you

August 9th, 2016 by

The amount of body fat you have lost (or not lost), muscle you have gained (or lack thereof), strength gained and lost, energy level, and hunger level as it pertains to dieting is feedback. It is your bodies way of giving you information. You can use this to your advantage!

Stop hating your body for not doing what you “think it should do” as opposed to what it is meant to do.

Stop cursing the scale and tape measure. Instead, use them as a point of reference. Is your body working with you, or is it protecting you from yourself?

Basically if you think you are doing it right, and you aren’t getting anywhere then you are doing wrong. Use your bodies feedback to fix it, even if that means going backward for a while before moving forward.

Disclaimer (because this is Facebook and people tend to take the message out of context and make it into something it isn’t).
There are always outliers.
Hormones, illness, genetics, etc. can effect your rate of fat loss, muscle gain, physique change, and strength.

Although we can’t change genetics, we can still make improvements, and that is no excuse to not be your personal best.

Hormonal situations can be treated, at least somewhat be alleviated, and could possibly be thrown off by the things you are doing.

So that really just leaves illness. That varies case by case and should be left in the hands of a competent doctor.