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Testimonial for LBC client Kelli

I made a decision to let LBC client Kelli “test the waters” of putting the food scale away, measuring nothing and trying to operate within a range of success to see how “lifestyle-ish” we were getting. We’d already achieved a very lean physique and wanted to relax a little so my instructions were to listen.. Read more →

“Working with Megan at LBC has restored balance in my life. I was able to see results from just four days of lifting and two metabolic circuits. I stopped over training myself. I didn’t need to live in the gym for at least two hours for six days to get results. I stopped fearing white.. Read more →

LBC Testimonial

Erik, I didn’t really know where I was going to go with this program when I first contacted you but all I can say is THANK YOU. As I write this it’s tough to believe I trained with you for a year and to be honest I initially started this thinking I could get to.. Read more →

LBC Testimonial for Coach Ileen

Hi Coach Ileen! It’s been almost a year now since I ended my membership with Lean Bodies Consulting but I have continued to utilize both my diet and training plan to keep up with the results I achieved while I was a client. I am happy to say I have maintained my weight and measurements.. Read more →

LBC Testimonial from former client Jessica Stuch

“I came to LBC wanting to learn how I should be dieting to get the body I want, and boy oh boy did I learn. In the recent past I had not been too extreme with my diet and training, but I was afraid to let my body relax and go to maintenance calories. My.. Read more →