Coach Ileen shares her “why”

December 20th, 2016 by


The other day in our community group we had a great thread about wisdom because so much of our journey and the success to be had during our journey is our mental mindset.

Many of us have had a special saying or a quote along the way that has been with them, motivating and driving them. Mine, which I adopted MANY years ago, is as many have to come know is
~Ya Gotta Wanna~

My ‘Ya Gotta Wanna’ came after our 5th son. I needed to take my health back and vowing that as I turned 40 back then (eek I’m turning 55!), it was only going to get better and it did.

There were a lot of difficulties in the early days of my journey as I fought for my health and was finally diagnosed with an 2 autoimmune thyroid disease. Through the struggles and my journey, I never let go of knowing that I’d get there. It’s been well over 10y rs now and I’ve stayed there and beyond.

Motivation, its starts in your thoughts and carried out in your actions.

So post a picture, a shirt, your favorite quote or saying and WHY it has much meaning to you. A very thoughtful client I worked with made me the shirt I’m wearing (below), knowing that the saying meant a lot to me. She also made me a shirt with her saying,
` ‘Fitness is a Journey with No End’` Isn’t that so true!

We had a great time sharing, I’d love to hear yours too!