Testimonial and progress from client Nicole

July 17th, 2017 by

Can’t think of a better email to open first thing in the morning! 

From client Nicole:

“Isn’t it like my LBC anniversary or something? Ha ha!

I don’t remember when I started with you last year, I know it was summer time. I was thinking about how long it had been while looking at pictures from my vacation. I remember taking the one for my start date. I remember the feeling I had. I was just so frustrated with knowing I was in great shape doing several CrossFit workouts and competitions, but I didn’t know how to eat to perform and feel my best! I felt lost when it came to my own nutrition. That’s when I started following you all and realized this was the place for me. Your knowledge seemed in depth and practical, your methodologies sustainable. I wanted to learn more and was hungry for knowledge.

Fast forward a year later and I can see the feeling in my photos of happiness and energy. So thank you for helping me to feel great! I’m not done yet!”