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Don’t let the weekend become your week end

Weekends- Do you find it difficult to stay on plan because you are out of your weekday routine? There is nothing different about following your nutrition and training goals on the weekend when you have goals to follow and reach. You committed to them during the week, what is different? Nothing! Don’t blow it! Some.. Read more →

Lets talk entitlement

I feel like we live in a world of now. Everyone seems to think that they are owed something and compare what they have to others. I know a lot of this is human nature, but realizing how destructive it is can sure make life easier. We can’t change what we don’t recognize as problem… Read more →

When fitness is a lifestyle

Good Afternoon from Destin, Florida! Long drive down but our family has arrived and we’re ready to kick back and enjoy! We’ve been coming down for 12 yrs now.. It’s so beautiful- white sandy beaches and emerald green water. Can you see it behind me. This is our favorite place to be!! <3 How do.. Read more →

Reminder: Dieting is a choice

Reminder: “dieting” (which is simply meant here to mean a fat-loss goal/eating in a caloric deficit) is a choice. If you frequently complain about how you can’t go out to eat with friends, or you can’t partake in social functions because you’re “dieting”, keep in mind that dieting is a CHOICE. No one is making.. Read more →

Coach Megan shares her story of setbacks and moving on

I would like to share a bit of my recent personal experience here, because I feel as if many of you can relate to what I have been through. Furthermore, I want to set a positive example not only for the clients I work with, but also for our LBC followers and so on. Sometimes.. Read more →