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When it comes to fitness, attitude is everything

So many of life’s struggles are self-inflicted. When it comes to fitness, attitude is everything! If you fail to see that, you’ll never get far. Feeling like a victim is a one way ticket to misery and a road already traveled, the one you’ve always been on. It isn’t enough to just get out of.. Read more →

Paying the price for reaching your goals

A few thoughts on paying the price for reaching your goals.. There will always be people in your life that will not understand WHY you are willing to pay that price. They may think what you do is too extreme. That is ok, and honestly it is just as bad to roll your eyes at.. Read more →

Coach Holly talks setbacks

I’m real. I struggle. I get upset and frustrated with my body, especially now. I want to throw my diet out the window sometimes. And, I definitely have moments of insecure feelings. I haven’t worked out in weeks. Yes, you read that right. WEEKS. 3 to be exact. 3 weeks ago, I was in a.. Read more →

What is progress?

Nowhere does the definition of progress says that you have to measure it in any particular way, or achieve it on any specific pattern/timeline. No, progress is just moving toward a destination. Sometimes we lose our path, sometimes we change are destination, other times we extend our trip. The goal is to keep moving forward.. Read more →

Are you mentally stuck?

Are you stuck? I don’t mean with a fat loss or muscle building stall stuck. I mean mentally stuck. I have been there. We all start with a goal. This goal often gets set in stone. We will not stop until we reach this goal (feet stomping, chest pounding and all)! I have found myself.. Read more →