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What is balance?

One of the Super Bowl commercials said, “Balance isn’t found, it’s created.” I thought that was pretty awesome! So many people say they are looking for balance, but fail to realize that it starts with perception. If you are OK with your choices, you have created balance. Balance isn’t about what you ate today. Balance.. Read more →

Let’s chat about balance

Let’s chat about balance. I’m pretty sure my morning coffee game is better than most lol. Of course I didn’t do this (I lack milk steaming skills), my son did. He is all about quality espresso and takes the time learn, source the beans, and make me a cappuccino almost every day. The art is.. Read more →

Are you mentally stuck?

Are you stuck? I don’t mean with a fat loss or muscle building stall stuck. I mean mentally stuck. I have been there. We all start with a goal. This goal often gets set in stone. We will not stop until we reach this goal (feet stomping, chest pounding and all)! I have found myself.. Read more →