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Let’s Talk Building Phases

So you have worked your butt off the get rid of the extra fat, and found you didn’t have quite as much muscle as you thought. Time to build! The reality is, just about anyone can diet. There is a clear goal in mind, results are seen frequently, adjustments are made relatively often, and despite.. Read more →

See food as fuel, not a reward

Many of us struggle with our “relationship” with food. Did you have a great week in the gym? Reach a goal that you are proud of? Don’t erase all of that progress by taking yourself out for a pizza or smashing half a cheescake. Treat yourself to some new gym clothes or perhaps those new.. Read more →

Mindset is everything

I have always liked the acronym M.I.E. (Mind Is Everything) because while physical brawn is limited the power of the mind is infinite. Many of us can talk ourselves out of a particular lift at the gym so easily by simply allowing fear or doubt to creep into our minds. The same mindset can determine.. Read more →

How come motivation dies?

How come motivation dies? There are always comments, posts and emails about motivation. Its either “I lost it” or “I need some OR someone to motivate me” when in reality, the only way you are going to be successful is when that comes deep from within Y-O-U. How is it that ‘you’ were so gun-ho.. Read more →

Small changes eventually add up to huge results

Results take time and they never do come fast enough. However, if you keep on working towards your goals you start to see little changes. These small changes may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things (i.e. your end goal), but they actually are. They will inspire you to keep.. Read more →