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Goal setting: what makes some more successful than others?

I’ve been thinking a lot about goal setting and what makes some more successful than others. I think it is a pretty complex issue, but I love the simplicity of this info-graphic. What do you want? That is the easiest part to answer. How will you make it happen? There are lots of ways to.. Read more →

Application and compliance

Application and compliance. Erik and I talk about this a lot. I mean A LOT. So I figured I should write something up as application is one of my favorite area given I have done just about every diet in the world in my younger days. Yes, LBC follows a science-based approach. We pride ourselves.. Read more →

Coach Beth talks goal setting

Let’s talk goal setting. For most people it’s a dreaded exercise. I line manage 30 people for my 9-5 job and whenever we have to set our goals for the year, my direct reports whine and complain and put it off till the very last minute. Their goals end up being pretty crappy and can’t.. Read more →

Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation

Intrinsic Motivation- doing something because you love it. The experience is the reward. Extrinsic Motivation- doing something for a reward or to avoid negative consequences. When I started working out, it was so that I could lose weight for a vacation. I didn’t want to look fat in my bathing suit. My motivation was based.. Read more →

It’s your job to commit to your fitness goal

Making fitness a priority is YOUR job and mine is to support you in that decision by giving you the tools for success. That includes telling you what you NEED to hear, even when you don’t WANT to hear it. I feel for each one of my clients unique struggles. I am sympathetic to their.. Read more →