Are you looking for motivation in all the wrong places?

October 18th, 2016 by

Often people to look to other people or things to motivate them. The problem with that is, that motivation is pretty short sited and shallow. It won’t last very long.

Because, motivation is something deep inside you, what you feel. It isn’t something that someone can truly do or encourage you to do or feel with any lasting effects.

We very often start off a journey or goal all gung ho and then what? Somewhere along the line, when things are not so exciting or status quo, many kind-of fizzle out and lose their way.

But why? The goal that you wanted to reach hasn’t changed and yet too often people are to easily ready to give up because the excitement and the drive isn’t yelling back at them.

Doubts or fear maybe?
What changed?
What can you do?
Is it gone?

Think about the reasons you started your journey. The goals you set. How did you feel then? What changed now? Likely nothing more than your mindset and a bit of wavering commitment.
No one can really motivate you do to do anything and if they could, it’s not going to last because it is still not coming from the deeps of yourself, the drive, from you. An outside force can only push so hard before even that, if not felt deep enough will push that effort away too.

So stop looking for outside sources, things, people for motivation and look in the mirror, deep within yourself because THAT is where you are truly motivated and where the source is found.

Once that motivation kicks in the commitment to follow through will come with it.