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Don’t let the weekend become your week end

Weekends- Do you find it difficult to stay on plan because you are out of your weekday routine? There is nothing different about following your nutrition and training goals on the weekend when you have goals to follow and reach. You committed to them during the week, what is different? Nothing! Don’t blow it! Some.. Read more →

If it’s important to you, you will find a way

People will generally DO what they truly WANT to do. This is a pretty hard statement to argue with. So when I find myself in a conversation with someone and I get inundated with all of these excuses of why he/she can’t do this or that or has no time, life is so busy, I.. Read more →

A note to all the keyboard warriors

“Let me explain something to you all I don’t train and eat the way I do to look great for someone else. I’m not trying to be a sexy playboy bunny to please some dude. I never asked for your approval and wonder what can I do for you to be attractive to YOU. If.. Read more →

Why ‘waist training’ needs to end

It is barbaric and incredibly dangerous. Everyone want a quick fix. I was on social media (as always) and the amount of people joining the waist training wagon, which is really just a tightly done corset, is doing nothing more than squeezing your organs together and putting you at risk to break ribs. You will.. Read more →