A note to all the keyboard warriors

July 20th, 2015 by

“Let me explain something to you all

I don’t train and eat the way I do to look great for someone else.

I’m not trying to be a sexy playboy bunny to please some dude.

I never asked for your approval and wonder what can I do for you to be attractive to YOU.

If your ego gets butt hurt because I’m stronger, leaner or buffer than you, talk to the hand.

I don’t care if you think I’m masculine, too bulky, too skinny, too unfeminine, too outspoken or too strong minded.

If you don’t like my abs or my guns or my ass, guess what? Kiss it. Actually don’t even think about it because you won’t ever get a chance.

SO to ALL you IRON FIGHTERS here’s my piece of advice:

KEEP DOING YOUR THING and when someone has something to say that NOBODY asked for and NOBODY cared for listening to:

Remember they’ve got NOTHING on you.

Remember WHO is TALKING about WHO? Yeah exactly. YOUR nagging frenemies or bullies or haters are HOVERING around like parasites on YOUR domain.

Bring out the big guns, tell them to shove it and keep cruising!
Now it’s workout time!

– Pauline Nordin