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Are you one who expects instant results?

Good post from Amy at Curls & Whey Training——-I guess I have never understood the rush when people get so frustrated when they haven’t drop 10 pounds in the first week on the program.Where was your rush to lose weight this earlier this year?Most people have struggled for a long period of time, yet change some.. Read more →

A trophy isn’t worth risking your health for

It saddens me when I hear (through at clients biweekly feedback) that anyone is still achieving their goals daily eating multiple meals of fish/veggies, cutting out food groups and having to do two hours cardio a day to lean out and get in shape. Dedicated yup. Is that worth your health? There is only one anwer… Read more →

100% compliance means 100%, and nothing less

If you say that you’re 100% nutritionally compliant followed by the words “except for” and then continue on to rattle off your list of nutritional deviations, you are not 100% compliant!!!Of course, you are free to deviate from your plan if you wish, but you have to be prepared to adjust your expectations accordingly.Whether you.. Read more →