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More is not always better. Slow and steady wins the race.

Often times people think that because they are having steady (or even slow) success on a moderate program that adding more activity and eating less food will produce even faster and better results. While it is typically true that faster results will come, you may not realize the cost associated with super speedy progress. A.. Read more →

science versus opinion

“Science is full of biases and it and there are limitations to every study so you can’t trust research. Instead, I’ll rely entirely on my fully-unsupported personal opinion. On nevermind…here is a study I cherry-picked to support my opinion. So now I do agree with science provided that it agrees with me.” – Every Nutrition.. Read more →

Fat Loss Supplements – The Most Outlandish Claim Ever!

Here’s something that I’ve witnessed recently that really, REALLY bugs me. Seemingly well respected trainers who have become supplement pimps because they’re sponsored by said company. Never mind just saying some good things about a product that works. I mean just flat out making things up that sound, and simply are, ridiculous. You know, lying… Read more →