A trophy isn’t worth risking your health for

October 13th, 2014 by

It saddens me when I hear (through at clients biweekly feedback) that anyone is still achieving their goals daily eating multiple meals of fish/veggies, cutting out food groups and having to do two hours cardio a day to lean out and get in shape. 

Dedicated yup. Is that worth your health? There is only one anwer. NO!

Its does take take some sacrifice in the way of having to cut back and eat in adeficit but it should not completely take over your life, limit your nutrition or having your doing 2 hours of cardio. At the end of all this, it should be something that is maintainable and sustainable not setting up for long term damage and rebound.

Be smart about your goals and how you go about it them. A trophy and a few minutes of fame on the stage isn’t worth the war it wages on your health and physical being when done so incorrectly.