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Do you believe in magic diets, pills, etc.?

Do you believe in Magic diets, pills etc? I get tired of hearing it. On my very short ride into preschool, I very often hear these ads on the radio for a quick weight loss centers or systems. Every time I hear them, I want to throw something at my car radio and scream! It’s.. Read more →

When slipping on your diet, how do you compensate?

A question in the Q/A was about slipping on your diet, cheating and it turning into a binge – How do you compensate and when? Q-Scenario: a person slips up and has a cheat they weren’t supposed to have such as binges on junk. Best way to negate the damage of this AFTER doing so?.. Read more →

Are you mentally stuck?

Are you stuck? I don’t mean with a fat loss or muscle building stall stuck. I mean mentally stuck. I have been there. We all start with a goal. This goal often gets set in stone. We will not stop until we reach this goal (feet stomping, chest pounding and all)! I have found myself.. Read more →

Let’s chat maintenance

Let’s chat maintenance! What to expect, how to prepare. When your expectations are in check, you are more likely to not only succeed, but be happy with your success as well. This isn’t all about why maintenance is a good idea (although it would be impossible not to plug it at all), it is about.. Read more →

Listen to the feedback your body is giving you

The amount of body fat you have lost (or not lost), muscle you have gained (or lack thereof), strength gained and lost, energy level, and hunger level as it pertains to dieting is feedback. It is your bodies way of giving you information. You can use this to your advantage! Stop hating your body for.. Read more →