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There are no magic exercises or foods for fat loss

There are no magic exercises, or foods. So if you are hiring a coach and they start telling you that X food will do this and Y exercise will do that, be warned, they more than likely do NOT know what they are talking about. Its not about specific exercises, its about programming. Its not.. Read more →

How do you measure progress?

How do YOU measure progress? The scale? Measurements? How you look and feel? How clothes fit? If you’ve been following LBC for any period of time now, you’ve likely seen it mentioned that we rely very little on the scale as a means of measuring progress, more specifically fat-loss progress. Why, you might ask? Sure,.. Read more →

Coaching versus Teaching

A coach/client relationship is not the same as a teacher/student relationship. The latter is MUCH more involved in terms of time commitment since it is essentially an element in addition to coaching. Coaching is about getting a client results and empowering them as individuals primarily. Teaching is about educating. They’re not one and the same.. Read more →

Paying the price for reaching your goals

A few thoughts on paying the price for reaching your goals.. There will always be people in your life that will not understand WHY you are willing to pay that price. They may think what you do is too extreme. That is ok, and honestly it is just as bad to roll your eyes at.. Read more →