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Protein Cookie Crumble

So I see many people on their LBC plan (including my own clients) eating either cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and peanut butter as their last meal of the day. My last meal is typically:   Cottage Cheese (I whip it smooth in bullet and add Stevia) Peanut Butter ½ scoop Protein Powder   I use.. Read more →

Football Foodies- The 7 Layer Dip

Oh how I love football season! There’s nothing like sitting in front of the TV in my Broncos jersey eating snacks while watching the game. If i were to consume what most of Americans eat during a game, I would need to have another wardrobe 4 sizes larger just for football season. I try to.. Read more →

Aunt JoAnn’s Raspberry Dessert

This jell-o recipe is one of my all-time favorites from long ago. I could always count on my Aunt JoAnn to make it for holiday dinners.  It’s fast, easy, low fat and low in calories. Perfect for post-workout or for a refeed!   Ingredients 1 large box of sugar-free raspberry jell-o 1 large box of.. Read more →

Low-Fat Pumpkin Pie

My husband loves pumpkin pie. In fact, I know he likes to have one pie all to himself at Thanksgiving. :lol: I have been making this pumpkin pie for a couple of years now, and it never gets old. This recipe is not only perfect for re-feeds, its also a great alternative to the traditional.. Read more →

Food Review-Turtle Bar Treats

This will be a quick post today, but wanted to share with you one of my favorite post-workout treats. They are called Chex Turtle Bars. Do not underestimate their awesomeness. They taste like a caramel chewy candy bar. And with only 130 calories and 25 grams of carbs they fit perfectly into my post-workout guidlines… Read more →

Trick Sized Candy Be Gone!

Ahhhh the joys of having unlimited amounts of miniature sized candy bars and treats floating around the house. Kids start bringing them home from school, Trips to the store and they screams “EAT ME!” After all, they are just the FUN SIZE. What’s the harm?    Fun? I love how they now have started marketing.. Read more →

100 Calorie Cupcakes!!

Yesterday my daughter had her fall party and as always, she requested that I make my ‘Diet Soda Cupcakes’, so I thought I would video the process since people try to over complicate the simple instructions. Take a cake mix and dump it in a bowl Add one can (12 oz) of diet soda Mix.. Read more →

Post Workout Food Review-Quaker True Delights

  Having 5 days of training means I have 5 days of PWO yumminess!! I usually stick to my favorites because I hate when I have a PWO that seems like a waste! This was one of those days. Thank goodness I have 4 more days of training. LOL   Name of Item: Quaker True.. Read more →

Beans In My Cookies!!

I know what you are thinking. Beans in cookies? Ewwww. I was so skeptical when I walked by my T.V. and saw Rocco making these cookies on Dr. Oz. Of course, what really interested me was the fact that they were 45 calories per cookie!!! For someone that loves volume, my ears perked up and.. Read more →

Food and Texture

Okay, so I wasn’t always open to the idea of trying new foods. Not only was I a picky eater, I was also particular when it comes to texture. Oatmeal was a no-no, and keep cottage cheese away from me!! So as I was whipping up my cottage cheese ranch dip I noticed that sometimes.. Read more →

Cottage Cheese ‘Creamer’

Do you ever feel like your protein shakes taste a little watery? One way to make them better is by making sure you buy a good tasting protein powder. See here Another way, is to add a little creamer. Creamer??!! What??!! Okay, I’m not saying to add real creamer. :lol: That just adds extra fat.. Read more →

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For ICE CREAM!!

I can have ice cream on my plan? Yes I can! A couple of weeks ago, I had gone to train at the gym, headed to pick up my kids at the babysitters house and drove straight to Chick-fil-a. I pulled up to the window and ordered myself an ‘ice-dream’ cone. at 170 calories, 4.. Read more →