Trick Sized Candy Be Gone!

Ahhhh the joys of having unlimited amounts of miniature sized candy bars and treats floating around the house. Kids start bringing them home from school, Trips to the store and they screams “EAT ME!” After all, they are just the FUN SIZE. What’s the harm? 

Fun? I love how they now have started marketing them as fun size bars. See, the thing is, I would never go into the store and pick up a regular sized candy bar, open it up and gobble it down. But the fun size…..why oh why do these little smaller versions make me eat so much more??  I think they should have called them the ‘trick sized’ because they look so small and innocent that you are tricked into thinking you can have a few. Okay, maybe twenty.

This year I decided to look up the calorie amounts AHEAD of time. I figured that since I am always preaching about prepping food and planning your meals, it would be wise to look these bad boys up and see what the damage would be. After looking some of the more popular ones, I knew these were not worth me blowing my stack, or I should say, blowing my scale for.

Here are a few:

Milky Way        -77 calories
M&M’s             -73 calories
Baby Ruth       -83 calories
Reeses Cups  -88 calories 
Snickers         -81 calories
Butterfinger    -100 calories
Hershey’s       -67 calories
Tootsie Roll    -23 calories

Now, I don’t know about you, but I could easily eat one of each of those before we were back from trick or treating. So by the end of the night I could have easily ate at least 1500 calories of this stuff and hardly bat a lash. Luckily, I don’t seem to have the urge or feeling the need to gorge at these types of holidays. Why? Because I am able to fit in some yummy post-workout treats through out the week.  Do I want the candy? Of course I do! I may have even whined and whimpered as I watched others partake.  However, I also want to look fabulous in my swimsuit come next spring. So this Halloween I chose to not gorge in candy and instead save a few of my favorite treats like candy corn for post-workout. 

Mmmm….candy corn.