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Don’t Drink Your Calories

Did you know that the average person’s beverage daily consumption equals about 20% of their total caloric intake? I don’t know about you, but drinks just don’t cut it for me. Outside of a protein shake, I would much rather chew my food.  Are ya with me? So what have you had to drink so.. Read more →

Cooking With Protein Powder

I have recently had many comments on various youtube vidoes I have posted concerning protein powder and cooking with it. There are various sites that will claim that by cooking with protein powder, the powder will lose some of its nutritional value. I had read the research, but thought I would contact a protein powder.. Read more →

Mental Eating

You are probably wondering what on earth is mental eating. Well, for me, I have realized how much of my eating habits, likes and dislikes are mental. Do I really have a stomach 10 times larger than yours? Nope. But do I like to feel like I am eating more? Heck yes!! I am always.. Read more →

A Much Needed Update

Wow, it has been quite some time since I have updated this blog. I swear I have a few good excuses. :lol: But instead of hearing all of my excuses, I will post up one of the many recipes I have been playing with over the past few months. I have a lot of exciting.. Read more →

Failing to Plan Ahead?

As I prepped some food this morning, I realized what a busy week I have coming up. In order to be sure I stay on plan, I decided to go ahead and weigh out my PWO shakes along with the dry ingredients for my breakfast pancakes. I’m going into this week with a strategy; prep.. Read more →

Food Scales and Weighing Your Food

I was on the phone with my mom recently and she mentioned that although she loved my recipes, she wished that I would post the measurements in cups, tablespoons, etc. instead of using grams or ounces. It opened up the discussion of the accuracy of measuring cups, which reminded me of this youtube video clip.. Read more →

The ‘Other’ Staples

So I know some of us have a refrigerator full of eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, beef, peanut butter etc. You may even have a pantry full of oats, nuts, protein powder, etc.  Those are just some of the food staples in my home.  Then of course there are my other staples. ;) These are the.. Read more →