Failing to Plan Ahead?

As I prepped some food this morning, I realized what a busy week I have coming up. In order to be sure I stay on plan, I decided to go ahead and weigh out my PWO shakes along with the dry ingredients for my breakfast pancakes. I’m going into this week with a strategy; prep ahead of time so I have no excuses to eat ‘off plan’.

Take the time to prep food!

Take the time to prep food!

Isn’t managing an organization/business to accomplish a strategy in support of a goal something worth planning? What’s your plan? What’s your strategy? What’s your goal? These are all questions that organizations and businesses discuss and brainstorm about. So, we need to plan. What is your plan? My plan goes hand in hand with my goals. Luckily for me, my plan/program is laid out for me based on the goals I stated when hiring Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting. It comes to already organized, broken down to a daily schedule which includes my menu and training. Easy enough right? Don’t we all wish! This is where we fail to plan. We think that since we already have a ‘strategy’ or program right there in front of us, that it will be simple. All we have to do is execute. If only it were that easy… :lol: Let’s say my plan is to get to the gym and train at eleven in the morning. Easy enough right? 10:45 rolls around and I get in car and I head to the gym. I walk in the gym and soon realize that although I have my gym bag, there is no workout log to be found. Failing to plan. Let’s say I’m a little better at planning and I do bring my workout log, finish my training session only to remember that I needed to head straight over to the school from the gym. Did I pack my PWO meal? Nope. Failing to Plan. This seems to be the ‘season’ when we see more and more of these examples. I have been guilty of this myself. The kids are now very busy playing soccer, football, and cheerleading. More free time for me? Hardly. I find myself eating on the go more times than not. If I fail to plan, I run the risk of not having food with me, which then makes the ‘snack shop’ junk food look all the more appealing. :lol: Failing to plan. Take a look at your plan and your goals. What could get in the way of not achieving them? One obstacle you should have listed is failing to plan. You need to take the time daily to go over your next days schedule. I also like to go over the weekly schedule and then follow up on it daily.

    Ask yourself-

What events/activities do I have going on? Will these events/activities affect my gym time? If so, what am I going to do to be sure to get there at another time? Is my food prepped? Just by asking those three questions to yourself, you will take away a few daily hurdles. There will no longer be the excuse of not having time to go to the gym because your child had football practice. No more excuses of not having eggs, which then forced you into eating a sausage biscuit for breakfast. :lol: You are planning to fail by failing to plan. How many times do you find yourself having these hurdles? Are you jumping over them with ease and reaching your because you have a strategy? Or are you snagging and knocking down the hurdles which is then slowing down your progress?

‘He who fails to plan, plans to fail’