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Protein Cookie Crumble

So I see many people on their LBC plan (including my own clients) eating either cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and peanut butter as their last meal of the day. My last meal is typically:   Cottage Cheese (I whip it smooth in bullet and add Stevia) Peanut Butter ½ scoop Protein Powder   I use.. Read more →

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Did you know that the average person’s beverage daily consumption equals about 20% of their total caloric intake? I don’t know about you, but drinks just don’t cut it for me. Outside of a protein shake, I would much rather chew my food.  Are ya with me? So what have you had to drink so.. Read more →

Almond Milk: A Protein Shakes Best Friend

I recently was turned on to the best low calorie product that makes protein shakes taste more creamy than ever!! (Thanks Erik ;) ) One serving (1 cup) of the unsweetened Almond Breeze Almond milk is just 40 calories! So even adding only a half of a cup at 20 calories is just enough to.. Read more →

It’s Pumpkin Time Again!!

Although I eat my delicious pumpkin pancakes year round, its officially that time of year where people don’t look at me sideways when I tell them what I am eating.   So in case you have missed this recipe on here from earlier posts, here it is: 40 grams old fashion oats 3 egg whites.. Read more →

Adding ‘Substance’ To The Carb-Less Pancake

Yeah, yeah, yeah….I’m sure you are getting sick of hearing about my love for pumpkin. Too bad!! :p It’s just crazy to think that I hate pumpkin pie, yet I make so many other things with canned pumpkin. Today is no different. My husband requested my low carb pumpkin pancakes but with more carbs. LOL.. Read more →

Stevia and Strawberries

So, I’ve been blogging for a while now, and the majority of my recipes started with me using splenda. I’ll admit I was reluctant to give up my splenda because with the exception of one alternate (that I could only get online). I was not very impressed with some of the stevia products I had.. Read more →

Chocolate pancakes and more!!

I had this for breakfast this morning. Wasn’t feeling llike having my egg whites. This felt like a ton of food too!!  

Pumpkin Mini-Muffins

Video speaks for itself~   20-25g protein powder (I used unflavored BUYBULKWHEY)35g old fashion oats50g canned pumpkin3 egg whites (or 2 liquid egg whites)2g sugar free fat-free cheesecake pudding mixcinnamon and splenda/stevia Bake at 400 for 8 minutes I think that I will try baking them at 350 for 11 minutes. It will give the.. Read more →


  I found pumpkin!!! You would have thought I had won the lottery if you had seen my face when I looked on the bottom shelf to see 100% canned pumpkin. I went from doing the running man in the isle, to a person looking as if they had just broken the law. LOL I.. Read more →

High-Protein Iced Cappuccino

I recently took a trip to Canada and while I was there a dear friend introduced me to Tim Horton’s and their Iced Cappuccino. I’m not sure if I should thank her or not, because I quickly became addicted. :lol: Thanks a lot Clare!! :razz: Now anyone that knows me should know that I HATE.. Read more →

Breakfast For Everyone-Pumpkin Pancakes

Just a quick blog post this morning. As I was getting ready to make breakfast for the kids, I decided instead of just whipping up their pancakes, I would weigh out what amounts I use and post it up. I make this one often, so I usually just ‘eyeball’ the amounts. Here is what I.. Read more →

Oreo Wannabe Blizzard

I just realized this morning that I had not posted this recipe here! I have it posted over on but thought I would share it on my blog as well. This is probably one of my favorite post workout treats. Especially in the summer! Oreo Wannabe Blizzard 1 scoop of Champion Cookies and Creme.. Read more →


I’ve been on a cranberry kick these past couple of months. Lucky me, I stocked up on fresh cranberries this past November and froze them ;) If you weren’t so ‘lucky’ to remember to do so, you can check places like Whole Foods, Kroger, and some of the other upscale grocery stores for fresh cranberries… Read more →

It’s All In How You Cook It

Saw Dust??? Can you believe my husband had the nerve to tell me my banana cookie was as dry as saw dust? :lol: I don’t take it personal since I know I tend to like my things more on the dry side. What can I say? It gets me in the habit of drinking more.. Read more →

An Oldie But Goodie-Protein Ice Cream

I figured that I would put up a recipe that I posted on LBF several months ago. It is my nightly dessert. Although typically I am not fond of cottage cheese, you would never know that my peanut butter ice cream is made with it. I even had my husband fooled. LOL I typically make.. Read more →