It’s All In How You Cook It

Saw Dust??? Can you believe my husband had the nerve to tell me my banana cookie was as dry as saw dust? :lol: I don’t take it personal since I know I tend to like my things more on the dry side. What can I say? It gets me in the habit of drinking more water. :p This cookie is basically the same recipe as my other oatmeal cookies, but cooked in a different container. I wanted to show you how you can make it a different texture all by the size of your container and your settings on your microwave. Don’t feel bad if it takes you a few times to gauge how long you cook it, what power you cook it on, or what size container you use. Just give those unwanted ‘experiments’ to the husband ;)

High Protein Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 35 g old-fashion oats 1 scoop Dymatize Butter Creme Toffee Protein Powder 2 g Sugar-free Fat-free Cheesecake Pudding Mix 10g raisins Dash of cinnamon Splenda/Stevia option Water will be a trial and error approach. I used about 1/4 cup. Cook at 50-60% power for 1:45 seconds Calories: 289 Fat: 1.9 Carbs: 36.8 Protein: 27.2