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Food and Texture

Okay, so I wasn’t always open to the idea of trying new foods. Not only was I a picky eater, I was also particular when it comes to texture. Oatmeal was a no-no, and keep cottage cheese away from me!! So as I was whipping up my cottage cheese ranch dip I noticed that sometimes.. Read more →

Food Scales and Weighing Your Food

I was on the phone with my mom recently and she mentioned that although she loved my recipes, she wished that I would post the measurements in cups, tablespoons, etc. instead of using grams or ounces. It opened up the discussion of the accuracy of measuring cups, which reminded me of this youtube video clip.. Read more →

The ‘Other’ Staples

So I know some of us have a refrigerator full of eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, beef, peanut butter etc. You may even have a pantry full of oats, nuts, protein powder, etc.  Those are just some of the food staples in my home.  Then of course there are my other staples. ;) These are the.. Read more →